Prevail™ Fabrics

New fabrics lines touting extreme cleanability have become very popular.  To establish that Chambers Fabrics does, in fact, provide fabrics with exactly the same qualities we offer our Prevail™ line.  


Both the polyester and the polypropylene are recyclable fibers.

The photos on this page are of a couch upholstered with our Prevail™ fabric.  The obligatory white fabric, messy baby and doggie photo demonstrates how badly soiled this fabric can get.  The last photo, of the couch itself, is the same couch the baby and doggie soiled, taken after it was cleaned.  

Bleach can also be used to clean this fabric. The fibers themselves will not be harmed by chlorine bleach.   Clothing worn by people sitting on the couch may be.  It is only safe to use with fabric that can be removed from the furniture, as with a zippered cushion that has no padding attached to it that can be rinsed in a sink.  

See our cleaning instructions for Prevail™ fabrics