Do you sell fabrics by-the-yard online?

No, we sell only to furniture manufacturers.  We weave hundreds of yards for them.  Most orders are for fabrics designed specifically for that manufacturer.   Our fabrics are unlikely to be found in a fabric store.  We are unable to supply fabric to retail customers.

Do you make fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach?

Yes we do.  In truth, extruded polyester fabrics are just as bleachable as the newer polypropylene fabrics and have been available for over twenty years.  The characteristics of both yarns are very similar.  Polyester is a bit more UV-resistant.  We highly recommend extreme caution in using bleach on any furniture.  A piece of fabric should only be bleached if the fabric can be removed from the furniture, as with a zippered cushion, all backing removed and the item is rinsed thoroughly with a stream of water.  Other stain removers should be used first.   Bleach is a last-resort only.  This is true of any fabric on the market.   Our Prevail fabrics are just as ‘bleachable’ as any others on the market. The caveat, however, is that bleach is a highly destructive chemical that can harm skin, clothing, foam, wood and other items in contact with upholstery fabric.  Please use safe chemicals on your furniture.